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In Miscellaneous on 23/04/2012 at 09:34

Reblogging a request from Dagda Publishing for sumissions. I’d like to submit something, but I haven’t touched poetry for a while now. Anybody with more poetical output than me should take a look.

Dagda Publishing

Hello all.

We would like to invite writers and poets to contribute to our next anthology of poetry, which is a follow up to our recently published anthology “Concrete Jungles” – available through Amazon, Smashwords on ebook and Lulu.com for paperback copies.

Our plan for the next anthology shall be a very traditional, along the theme of the metaphysical. We hope to feature works dealing with the more esoteric, romantic side of the human experience, in the vein of the classic metaphysical poets. So think life, death, nature, romance and classic philosophical themes. A real chance to showcase your talents as a writer.

We are looking for both formal poetry structures, and more contemporary styles, and even free verse. So in other words, knock yourselves out with this one. We’d like to see what you can do.

Please send submissions (maximum of 4/5 a time so we can give our…

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100 Word Plays

In Plays, Theatre on 01/04/2012 at 19:45

For the young writer’s festival at the Royal Court Theatre, they’ve been asking for plays of 100 words that they stick up around the theatre and also on a tumblr. Two of my submissions have ended up on the blog:


‘Ugg, The Cave Girl’

EDIT (2/4/12)

Another one of my submissions has been put on the website:

‘Hardly Seems Worth It

EDIT (3/4/12)

Guess the Royal Court must be trying to get every submission up.

‘Starry Night’

‘Same Difference’

EDIT (5/4/12)

Dear Father Christmas’

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