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Online Publishing?

In Miscellaneous on 30/01/2012 at 17:00

I have a new batch of short stories and, naturally, I’d like to see them published. I looked at submitting some off to magazines. Most magazines say they don’t print stories that have been previously published online. I can understand that. My thinking is- do the stories I choose to publish online have to be ones I consider not my best? I’d like to put some new stories this blog. People follow it and I’d like you to read my latest work. Surely the biggest chance of readership is publishing something on the internet?

I’m musing on this because, despite how fun writing itself is, I need readers. I don’t mind admitting I crave approval for my work. Otherwise I have to rely on myself and I’m my own worst critic. But that’s another matter. With online publishing there is a huge amount of potential readers. This is an extremely appealing prospect.

I’ve been thinking about publishing e-books on Amazon. This is a bit hypocritical of me, because I have been quite disparaging of the Kindle (or Kobo). E-readers have never really appealed to me. I like books. Not just what’s in them but the book itself. I like that there’s a books all over the house I live in. But of course, I was willing to throw this all aside when I read about the 70% royalties you can get via Kindle publishing.

In no way do imagine I’d become a major success publishing e-books. I imagine I could make a very small profit out of it. I think I know a few friends with Kindles who would buy an e-book by me. I don’t see myself making a major success, but just knowing I’ve got work waiting to be sold would make me feel pretty good. All the ‘publicity’ would be down to me, but even if I only sell ten copies, that would still feel pretty damn good.

So, watch this space. E-book publishing may be the next thing for me.

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